We, Coral Mining & Exports, are renowned manufacturers, suppliers of virtually all types of stones across India. We are a reputed firm with years and years of experience in providing myriad types of stone as per the requirements of our clients. We provide a wide gamut of sandstone, granite, marble, quartzite, limestone etc

Ever since the establishment of our firm, Coral Mining & Exports, 2010, we have been at the forefront in delivering the most trusted services in line with the expectations and specific requirements of our clients.

Experience that speaks of professionalism

We have in this field of manufacturing and had beensupplying various types of stones for a long time. Our experience itself speaks of the professionalism with which we move on when providing quality services to the clients across world.

Avant-garde Technology

We put to use avant-garde technology in manufacturing stones we provide to our customers across world.

Replete in Quality

Various types of stones we provide are always replete in standard quality.

Dynamism in our services

We serve with a difference in our approach. We understand what the customer require and provide exactly that which surpass their expectations.

Customer service - Our priority

We serve with real dedication and heartitude. We serve to build a strong rapport with customers.

Minimal prices

Our prices are always comparably and relatively lower than the market rates.

Just get in touch with us to know more about our services or how we can help you better in fulfilling all your requirements. Talk to one of our support executives today to know more about different types of stones we provide and what can be the best for your purpose or requirements etc.