Agra red sandstones are also popularly known as Dholpur red stones and have been extensively accepted as a building stone after it was used in the construction of Delhi fort and Agra fort. These types of sandstones got their name as they were available in the quarries close to Agra city. Red color of the stone is due to the abundant presence of iron oxides at its bedding planes which also offers the stone its toughness and rigidity along with contemporary styling. These stones are tough and have the capability to stay across times without showing any weathering effect. They have used to construct forts and temples during ancient times and even during modern days these stones are considered for interior and exterior decors for their responsiveness for various harnessing methods such as rubbing, polishing, honing, shot blasting, sandblasting, hand cutting and sawing etc. They are considered the most favorite construction materials for these reasons and find extensive usage in roofing, paving, creating beams and pillars, and flooring and in the construction of window and door sills.

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