The Asian gold sandstones are a pride for any households as it offers a vibrant and scintillating look for any house that uses it to décor its interiors. Asian gold sandstones have a golden background with waves of micro particles framing their design to embark it to be a multi colored stone. The slabs and tiles made out of this type of sandstone not only adds galore to the house but are durable and hold ability to withstand heavy pressure for years. Their dazzling looks enable them to be used at all parts of the house and they have been used extensively for architectural purposes and to décor the interior and exterior walls and floors of monuments. These sandstones are available in different finishes such as flamed, polished, sandblasted, brushed and hammered to add elegance to the place where they have been applied.

We stock the best varieties of these natural Asian gold sandstones that are famous for their durability, vibrant color and excellent polish and finish, above all they are extremely resistant to stain and have a texture that is non-slippery. These sandstones with us are also resistant to scratch, pressure, stain and water and thus could be used without fear for bathrooms and kitchens. Some of our satisfied customers have been using this Asian gold sandstone to line their floors and claddings and also use them for vanity tops and as kitchen counter tops. We have Asian gold sandstones of various shapes and size to custom fir your kitchens and are capable of withstanding high pressures owing to their dense grain composition. Though we have standard slabs of 20x30 mm thickness with one long and one short edge, we are also open for our customer’s specifications and tailor design slabs based on needs, only to add more elegance to their house interiors and exteriors.