We take pride in saying we have attained an reliablem position in this competitive market as an manufacturer and seller of bansi pink sandstones. Key features of these type of sandstones are their compressive strength, long lasting nature, distinctive pattern, unique colours and simple to maintain features. Bansi pink sandstones undoubedtly enhances the looks of the floor and also could be an important part of ornamentation in the gardens, making of designer roofing and could be used in making walls, in cladding and in making sculptures and other decorative statues. Coral Mining & Exports is a comprehensive enterprise that has been engaged for years in the trading, designing and processing of natural stone products. We have been equipped with some of the most advanced fabrication machines and are teamed by skillful workers to meet the demand for sandstones immediately, we are pioneers in making slabs, countertops, tiles and mosaics made of naturally occurring stones.

The principles of Coral are top quality, customer-oriented approach and best price and strive to be the best supplier of bansi pink sandstones.

The best features of bansi pink stones available with are extreme mechanical strength, weather resistance, superior performance, irrespective of the location it is laid on, extremely low absorption of water and resistance to corrosion. These features makes these stones ideal to be used in the landscaping of large buildings, crafting stonewalls, fireplaces, pillars. They do help in external and internal florin, cladding and roofing as well. Specifications of the stones could be matched according to the needs of the client and are available in sandblast, horned and also in their natural finish touches. For us our customer is the king, we strive to offer the product based on their tastes and also match our prices to help them stay comfortable with their budget. Do try us for a wonderful natural stone experience on your newly built asset.