Camel dust sandstones are one of the most popular paving stone that has been used predominantly for outdoor paving. The stone is resistant for chemical weathering and is also durable and hard. These camel dust sandstones are extracted from the quarries of continents and have been used in both exterior and interior decors in the form of tiles, pavements, patios and also footpaths. Coral Mining & Exports is the largest manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers and exporters of camel dust sandstones that could be used as construction materials for their toughness and durability. We are known in our industry for stocking the best of the class camel dust sandstone tiles, floor tiles, wall tiles, flooring materials and blocks make of camel dust sandstone. Our customers trust us for our camel dust slabs, polished tiles and sandstone pavers to décor their house at its best form. They prefer camel dust sandstone as it is extremely hard and durable form of stone able to withstand high tension and pressure.

To add a little more description for camel dust sandstones, it is actually a form of quartzite sandstone and is ideal for patios and pathways to be laid in low budgets. These types of sandstones are famous all over the world especially in the UK and Europe and are available in custom defined hand cut paving’s, six side sawn tiles and as machine cut tiles. Camel dust sandstones are available with us in the form of pavers, stepping stones, claddings, Palisades, camel dust single size tiles, tiles to décor swimming pools, pool pavers, sandstone circles, cobbles sets, paving slabs, sandstone bricks for walls and also as garden artifacts to address the décor needs of both interiors and home exteriors. Commercial buildings could be made very much attractive by adding a tinge of camel dust sandstones and we take orders based on the needs and requirements of our customers and see that they stay happy with the sales by buying budget friendly as well.