Desert mint sandstones are a form of composite sandstones and pose and light brown color with extremely soothing and uniform textures. These stones are denoted as desert mint for their colours and there resemblance to natural deserts, they are known for their looks and are widely used to enhance home interiors. They are predominantly used to décor floors and as table tops and is available with very few stone dealers, we are proud to be prime exporters and manufacturers of desert mint sandstones and offer high quality stones with best polishing for our customers within the least possible time. Our desert mint sandstones have been a perfect choice for home interior designers as their edges would pose a smooth finishing and would be glowing on their surfaces.

We stock desert mint sandstones that are in brown tint color at the base with alternating light and dark coloured veins running on the entire surface of the sandstone offering a different and eye catching look. These type of sandstones are truly a gift from nature and we take due care that they get quarried properly and undergo series of purification processes to get their impurities removed. We do this to help our customers experience an agile atmosphere around them in their houses for generations. These desert mint sandstones are ideal to be used in bathrooms and kitchens and even in restaurants, we would offer them in three varieties namely sawn, honed, polished or flamed, depending on their usage. We stock them at standard cut measurements, but could custom modify them if our customers demand. We take all steps to offer the product that our customers desire and deliver them at the least time possible, we also ensure that our products are budget friendly and would at any time bring happiness and content in the hearts of our customers.