Desertyellow brown sandstones offer an impressive and warm look with a coarse grained texture. This stone would look stunning if used for home décor with their natural buff color. They not just look plain brown in color but hold fine streaks of dark and light alternative brown veins that run along these natural stones to offer its distinguished look. This stone is perfect for home exteriors and interiors and also for landscaping purposes. The stone not just helps in adding an aesthetic look to the home but holds few natural properties such as high resistance to weather conditions, non-slippery surface, riven texture etc which makes it find extensive usage for people. Desert yellow brown sandstones are ideal for patios, laying pathways and pavements to craft window sills,kerns,lintels and for lining swimming pools etc. the stone has been preferred for large landscaping purposed by some developed countries in the world, which also prefer this for cladding the exteriors of their seashore buildings.

This stone could be used in a number of forms such as sawn, as sandblasted stones, as honed or brushed one as per the requirement and place of usage. We, at Coral Mining & Exports, stock these sandstones in the forms of tiles, slabs, blocks, cobbles etc. we are an organization engaged in the manufacturing and selling of all forms of natural stones used in building and home décor. Through our product range, we help to create unique appearance of any hotel, residential and commercial projects as we have understood that the beauty of stones could transform your house into heaven. They offer a scintillating look for any residence when used in outdoor pavements, wall cladding at the exteriors and in decorating the gardens. Our main goal is to offer the best quality and finest services when it comes to natural stones and we take as little lead time to deliver the ordered products to our customers. We work with a qualified team who always dream to turn your dream house a reality. Do shop dessert yellow brown sandstones from us and relax with the hope of transforming your home into an aesthetic dwelling.