Dholpur Beige sandstone is buffed white coloured sandstone that has been used by architects all over the world. The unique features of this particular type of sandstone is that it is not simply attractive but looks scintillating when wet as its soft minor purple veins runs across the stone. This stone has been a part of a number of historic buildings and has been used for centuries in our monuments. The characteristic feature of this stone is that it has a uniform grain size and regular bedding offering it a compact structure. These stones could be availed in the different forms depending on their usage. We take care that every single block of the stone gets calibrated carefully and are divided based on the preferences and needs of our clients. Some good reasons why one should consider using Dholpur beige sandstones for their construction purposes is that, this particular form of sandstone has high tensile strength, and good uniformity and high compression ratio and is durable with long life span. This stone has a number of applications and could be used in stone flooring, stone cladding, landscaping, levying stone walls and pavers, stone roofs in themed restaurants and commercial establishments, could be strong as an fence post, used as patios, crafted to form sculptures and handicrafts, could serve as stone pillars, table tops, stone fireplace, used in fountains etc.

Depending on the purpose we could make Dholpur beige sandstones available in their natural rough texture or polish and hone it or make it undergo other beautifying processes such as sawing, sand and shot blasting, brush finishing, flaming etc. we cut these stones on sizes based on the needs of our clients though custom cut sizes are available as well. Do not hesitate to try this sandstone to add elegance to your property, as it has the ability to make the space look more spacious and scintillating.