Sagar black sandstones could also be referred to as sager black sandstones and are predominantly used in households for their ability to withstand dust and dirt. This type of stone is quite popular for their ability to display a dark grey background that has been enhanced with subtle yellow shading. The physical and chemical properties of the stone make it a preferred choice for any type of construction. As they are available in a number of attractive shades, the stone has been considered ideal for flooring, for preparing furniture’s for the garden, in wall cladding and in making stone handicrafts. Physical properties of this stone are that, it is highly compressive and poses flexible strength and negotiable porosity. The stone absorbs very less water and are very much resistant to weathering. The stone finds its best application in all residential and industrial construction and are available in a number of finishes such as machine cut or hand cut stones, stones that are hone either at a single side or at both sides, polished and mirror finished stones, calibrated ones etc. We, at Coral Mining & Exports, stock Sagar black sandstones at different sizes and thickness to meet the needs of our customers securely and stock materials in readymade forms such as sandstone slabs, steps, bricks, pebbles and cobbles. As we have our stocks on accurate measurements, they could be used readymade at construction sites saving valuable time and money, they could get installed instantly both at interiors and exteriors. We have a team of trained experts who ensure that our stocks meet the exact needs of our clients when they best need them. There would not be any delay in the delivery of the stocks as we know no body can wait to see their assets glowing in elegance and we take all steps to ensure that our customers are comfortable with the price of the stones we sell as well. Do contact us to learn more on our products and our services.