Flowery gold sandstones are pretty eye catching and very soft to touch. Sandstones are generally made of small grain particles of pre-existing rocks. They possess feldspar and quartz and thus differ in the color. The material which binds them together is silica, clays and calcites. Sandstones are responsible for water percolation; they are very porous and can store huge quantities of water and thus act as valuable aquifers. They are fine grained aquifers and make the separates the pollutants present on surface as compared to crevices, rocks and limestone. Sandstones form high cliffs and rocks and sometimes it becomes very easy to identify a region from eth color of the sandstones.

People use flowery gold sandstone for decorating their houses, offices and some other establishments; they give a very pleasant look to the houses. Their finished appearance gives luxurious look and is definitely used in most of the houses. In construction industry they are used in paving, rooftops and flooring purposes and serve the best. The glossy surface and its long lasting nature increase its importance among the customers. They are easy to clean and available in different designs and sizes. They have a lovely appearance with low maintenance and thus it is sold the most among others and thus is preferred the most.

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