All the sand sized grains are cemented together in order to form a rock and they are called as sandstones and Fossil Mint being one of the most popular sandstones. These are the warm stones that neutral in color and suit almost every environment. They are just perfect for any type of a place or location. They are hard-wearing and durable as well that gives a very beautiful to the houses or wherever you want to fix them. The most different character of this sandstone is that it is hard wearing and very fascinating and adds more beauty to the pavers and driveways.

Fossil Mint Sandstones are most likeable sandstones and are generally used in garden, portico, doorways, entrances and paths for the entrance. They just look very pretty and give a natural look to the surroundings. Because of their hard wearing and light riven character they are placed in terraces and outside your house. They are very easy to maintain and can be cleaned with extreme ease. If fixed in gardens or terraces, they go with the plants that you grow to decorate your house. Also, in case of temples they are used very commonly and give a fresh look to it.

Coral Mining & Exports supplies and manufactures these Fossil mint Sandstones in order to serve their customers better. We have a huge client base of different requirements and thus to cater their needs. We supply all types of sandstones. The quality of the fossil mint sandstones along with the others that we provide is always commendable and serves the best to our customers. We have an expertise in this field as they are dealing into these particular sections of sandstones since many years and had achieved huge success in it.