Ita gold sandstones are well known for their enchanting look and well finished look. They are golden in color and what makes them special is maximum resistance to scratch and cracks. Its golden sand color makes it look pretty rich and glowing. These sandstones look as if gold in beaten into thin vein on the base of dark yellow color. It can be classified as a marble and definitely it has gained an importance in different applications. They are very manageable and can be cut into different sizes and shapes as per the needs and purpose can be well served.

People generally use Ita Gold Sandstones to make their surroundings look glowing with full of golden finished sandstones for their entire life. Thos people who love timeless beauty and have love for golden flashy things would definitely go for such sandstones and get them fixed at their houses. In India, Its Gold Sandstone is used for walls, slabs and in the form of blocks as well. These sandstones well serve the purpose of patios, pavements and wall claddings as well. Gold sandstones can fulfill the dream of having a house full of golden glow when spread as floor tiles.

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