As the name suggests, J Pink Sandstones are royal pink in color and gives a grace and royalty to the establishments. Also, pink color signifies the importance that they are made in Pink City, Jodhpur. These sandstones are available in Jodhpur in huge amounts and have different applications. These pink sandstones are found in Jodhpur in a variety of range. They are available in different shades of pink but any which way they add beauty to the establishments. They are durable and work for years and years and stay as it is. Also, it has the capability to survive through all the climatic conditions which makes it very special as compared to all other sandstones.

Because of its well known resistant and durable characters it had wide range of applications. Generally J Pink Sandstones are used for exterior as well as interior purposes, wall cladding, and flooring including exterior and interior, paving, porches, entrances, kitchen platforms, pool surroundings, garden areas and drive ways. The pink finished surfaces always make the surrounding look pretty. Their elegant and delicate finished work is required in construction business for different purposes. Architects and Interior designers often suggest the use of these sandstones. They are very stylish and are majorly used by people as a latest trend.

Coral Mining & Exports being the manufacturers of J Pink Sandstone offers a wide range of stones to make a different statement of lifestyle. We have the latest trends and designs used in housing industries. Our products are identified as one of the best suppliers in the industries. The quality of the products that we manufacture is great and is supplied to different other countries including India. We offer a great quality; service and wide range of products which make stand out from the other manufacturers and suppliers. Keeping in mind the end users, we offer competitive pricing and best quality service with advises regarding the space effectiveness and additional inputs in order to serve our customer better.