J Red Sandstones are majorly red in color and are bright and shiny red in appearance. They are mostly used for decorative purposes. The red color of these sandstones is due to the amount of oxides it contains and they are available mostly in India. Their high tensile strength and low maintenance makes it extra popular among lots of people. The shiny red color and its smooth texture give a modern and trendy touch. The finishes are so smooth and polished that it only enhances the look of the establishments wherever it is fixed. The blocks and paving are the most commonly used forms of J Red Sandstone.

The main use of these red sandstones is to serve decorative purposes, exterior and interior décor. They are naturally beautiful and are available in different shapes and sizes and forms. They are very strong and are used for carving and architectural purpose. Many people use these red sandstones for garden paving and wall cladding to make them look attractive. They have tremendous strength, heat reflective and come with minimum maintenance along with maximum durability. J Red Sandstones are responsible for creating decorative environment and can be used in different applications as per the requirement. The architectures make the ideal use of these sandstones.

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