Jaisalmer Yellow sandstones are one of those lively looking stones available in Jaisalmer mostly in Rajasthan. They are majorly bright yellow in color and they belong to a sedimentary rock family and are made of calcium and tiny particles of grains. These sandstones are tough and come with tensile strength and thus are majorly used in construction business since many years. Indian sandstones are generally found to be soft and thus become easy to carve them, Jaisalmer Yellow Sandstones being one of them. They are durable enough to be used in establishments and thus mostly it is used at construction sites.

Most of the sandstones are generally used to make exteriors and interiors of the house look beautiful. They are used for flooring and wall cladding purposes, and there are other applications as well which includes paving, driveways and gardens areas etc. The yellow color of these sandstones of course enhances the beauty of the surroundings. Yellow sandstones are the intelligent choice of engineers and architectures, as they have a special property of resistance over heat and thus they are preferred more as compared to other stones. They can be used in almost everything in construction areas for houses and official buildings.

We, Coral Mining & Exports, are not only the suppliers and manufacturers but also the exporters of sandstones and other products like limestone, quartzite, Marble and Granites. We offer a wide range of sandstones in variable sizes and shapes and blocks, slabs and tiles. (importance has grown a lot in these days and mostly they are used in rooftops or different establishment - they are less affected by the different weather conditions and thus people prefer using them looking at the properties of these sandstones).

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