K Black Sandstone belongs to a sedimentary rock family and they are black in color due to its chemical properties. The dark blackish and grayish color of these sandstones makes them look attractive. They are not just good in appearance but also have ideal properties by which they can be used in many applications. Among the huge variety of sandstones, K Black Sandstones are mostly used in many Indian houses and are considered to be ideal for construction purposes. They can cater to all your requirements of all shapes and sizes. They are very well finished and give decent look to you floors and houses.

K Black sandstones are used as decorative stones, paperweights, coasters and what not. They can be carved with ease and can be transformed into several other items. Mostly these sandstones are used in flooring in interiors of the houses and exteriors as well. Generally they are applied in porches and driveways as they are strong and can take heavy weights so it an intelligent decision to fix them in exteriors. These weathered sandstones are available in blocks and slabs and are used in cladding. Often they are also used for wall fixing along with lining because of the acidic and other properties inside it.

Coral Mining & Exports is known for supplying good quality black sandstones which are ideal for multiple applications. Considering the huge variety of sandstones we have, customers can guess the potential of ours. We manufacture and supply these sandstones to different places in India and are one of the major suppliers among others. The company is into the business of stones since many years and has some expertise in dealing with sandstones. We have an understanding of what shape and sizes of sandstones are generally used in housing business and thus provide such sandstones to the respective customers’ as per their requirements.