Sandstones are available since the Stone Age and their importance has not grown overnight but they were in demand since many years. These are the type of stones from rock family composed of small grainy particles. Among the top colors, the most common colors are black, grey, yellow, red and white. Grey Sandstones give a magnificent look to the constructions and several other establishments. This is one of the hard wearing stone and thus popular for different other applications. It is available in different shades of grey; the black-blue color of the sandstone is because of the presence of calcite and silica.

Kandla Grey Sandstones are very versatile in nature and are commonly used for flooring and thus make the floors strong. Their robust nature makes it special and thus is used in exteriors as well as interiors. Along with the durability they are beautiful to watch, most of the people use them around the swimming pools, gardening areas, pathways and terrace. They look very elegant and add timeless beauty to the interiors or exteriors. They can be chiseled and carved into different shapes to suit different requirements. Their most popular forms are pillar arches, wall sliding, window sills and wall facings.

We, Coral Mining & Exports, are the most popular manufacturers of the Grey Sandstones and make them available in several finishes flamed, polished, honed, sawn, natural cleft, sand blasted and natural finish to meet the requirement of different applications. The exceptionally finished and smoothened surface of the sandstones offered by us makes us one of the popular suppliers of these sandstones. We supply the sandstones to many construction companies across India. We are also the exporters of these grey sandstones and offer these products in competitive prices. Our production capacities is huge and thus accepts products in bulk quantities and deliver it on mentioned time.