L yellow sandstone stands for Lalitpur yellow sandstones and features a bright yellow stone that would glitter under the sun.This sandstone is ideal to be used in outdoors, for pavements and in landscaping as it is very hard and could withstand any amount of pressure. Thus the distinguished features of this stone are its tolerance and its durability to any type of climatic conditions has made the stone quite popular and is always on demand with us as well. L yellow sandstone is considered ideal for a number of residential architectural applications and also in commercial establishments and are available with us at Coral Mining & Exports in varied dimensions at the latest market price. We are a provident manufactures and distributors of Lalitpur yellow sandstones in India that are famous for their texture, color and durability. These stones have extensive usage in interior architecture and are commonly used for wall claddings, for laying stone pillars, to construct arches, for building bathrooms etc; commercially these stones are predominantly used in cladding sea shore buildings as it remains unaffected by saline winds and for its thermal and acid resistant properties.

Lalitpur yellow sandstones are not new in our country, as they have been used in the construction of palace and forts for centuries. This exquisite natural stone has color ranges from yellow to golden yellow and would look awesome on any surfaces. The stone is available with us in different shapes and sizes and cut at different dimensions to ensure that our customers get to use them as required. They could be made available in various textures as well by calibrating them through physical methods such as stone ballasting, honing, polishing, furnacing etc. to meet different needs such as paving exterior spaces, laying interior flooring, laying kitchen counters and bar tables, laying bathroom walls, crafting swimming pool surroundings, making garden way, car park, outdoor walk way, drive way etc.