Limestone is an sedimentary rock that is composed of calcium carbonate, the stone is usually white but impurities could alter its color, iron oxide could make it brown red or yellow in color while carbon content could turn it black, blue or gray. Limestones are usually of extremely high thickness and could be used as a building stone and in ornamentation. There are a number of varieties of Limestones available and the most important of them are chalk, dolomite, travertine, marble, marl etc.

Limestones as mentioned has a diversity of uses and could be crushed to be used in construction, to lay railroad ballast and base for roads. It could be used as an aggregate to frame tough concrete. As these are strongand dense rocks with few pore spaces,they are able to withstand abrasion and freezing and help beautify all home interiors. Limestones could be used in tiles and also in countertops and be featured better as a shower wall or bath tub in bathrooms. They could be used in a number of creative ways such as mantelpiece for fireplaces, table top for outdoor dining place etc. limestone as an hard rock could go well with granite and marble while still offering the soft texture for home interiors. Coral Mining & Exports specialize in the supply and processing of quality lime stones that are used for building, home décor, wall cladding and landscaping purposes.

We stock the best of Limestones to offer the best stone works in form and texture to décor both interiors and exterior layouts of our customers. We know that the use of Limestones in home décor not just enhances the aesthetic appeal of home and holds excellent acoustic and insulating properties. We secure quality Limestones directly from the quarry and preserve it appropriately to retail its thermal properties, so that these are perfect stocks for your building needs.