Marble is a form of limestone and is made predominantly of calcium carbonate and is harder and dense compared with limestone, though marbles are usually white in color, they could sometimes be associated with impurities to offer a variety of colors. Based on its color, texture and level of patterns they have used for ornamental, statuary and architectural purposes. Marbles as flooring materials finds extensive usage in a number of households and are been preferred for the aesthetic looks it offers along with durability and cost efficiency. Marbles have been used for decorating different parts of the home and have been preferred over other flooring materials for their spectacular look and feel, ability to get cleaned easily and variety it affords for interior decoration. When one chooses to construct their house with marble or with other natural stones they could be sure of its longevity and permanence, adding true value for the money spends on them. Other properties of marbles that makes them excellent materials for home interior décor of most modern home are their resistance for fire and for heat. These are some good reasons why we recommend marbles as flooring material for all our customers at Coral Mining & Exports.

We have been a one stop destination for all flooring needs made of natural stones for our customers and we stock the latest variety of marbles to quest our customers home décor needs. We have years of experience in selling durable market stones and are pioneers in offering variety of marbles stones in diverse geographies. We have a perfect team proficient in every natural stone segment we offer and are ready to help our customers with all interior décor needs they wish at any time of the day. Contact us for samples and free demo and to learn on our products and services much better.

  • Autumn Ashes

  • Cappuccino

  • Forest Green

  • Golden Forest

  • Indian Green

  • Jaisalmer Yellow

  • Plain Green

  • Rainforest Brown

  • Rainforest Golden

  • Rainforest Green

  • White Onyx