Quartzite is a form of a metamorphic rock that gets formed when rich sandstone gets exposed to either high pressures or temperatures. These conditions help quartz grains to fuse with each other to form hard, dense equigranular rocks. The term quartzite denotes high degree of hardness or endurance and is also rich in quartz content, featuring a sugary appearance and a glassy luster. Minor amounts of impurities is the stone adds to its different color shades and sometimes quartzite could look similar to marble posing a snowy white appearance. Quartzite was extensively used to make bricks and other strong building materials and has been growing in popularity to be used as a decorative stone. The stone slabs and tile designs that are made of Quartzite could be stunning in appearance and are also extremely durable, the emergence of these quartzite stone slabs and tines have considerably replaced wood, paint and ceramic tiles while were traditionally preferred for wall and floor decoration.

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