Rainbow sandstones could also be denoted as Khatu rainbow stones and features quartz at its finely grained state, the stone features a number of other mineral deposits as well offering many attractive colours such as violet, red and brown in the stone, thus the name rainbow sandstone. The stone features regular and attractive color variations and is predominantly available in sawn finished state only. This rainbow sandstone denotes a gorgeous ornament and could be securely used at any location as it would thoroughly be a source of upliftment at any landscape it is been used. Multilayered rainbow sandstones would definitely be a point of stunning focus whether it is used in house interiors or in the garden space or even at the pavements. These stones have also been used by architects to create different artifacts, planters and even as a center piece for water features in the gardens. The best feature of the stone are its flamboyant straight lines featured in multiple colours, leaving the stone unavailable for splitting and polishing. At Coral Mining & Exports we ensure that the stone etc smoothly sawn at all the sides and edges to offer a completely crisp and clean fell of the stone. But this amount of polishing still leaves the stone firm and non-slippery and could comfortably be used in bathrooms and kitchen.

Most of our customers prefer to use rainbow sawn sandstones as its physical nature is attractive and distracts the attention of all passerbies, they are ideal to be used in large commercial establishments and in swimming pools as they are non-slippery and smooth on the surface helping to avoid poolside slips greatly. Thus we recommend that these rainbow sandstones are a fantastic choice for anybody wanting to pose and sleek and modern standards to their home and still stay unique.