Raj Green Sandstones are a mix of both green and brown tones on the already plum coloured sandstone. These stones could be compared with traditional yorkstone that has been used for traditional landscaped for their slight riven surfaces. The sandstone features a dense structure and is therefore durable and dries quickly. The stone is composed of uniform quartz grains of similar sizes and other mineral components whose grains are rounded and smooth as well. These are considered best for regions with constant low temperatures all through the year, hilly resorts and cottages as their paving tiles and slabs are frost resistant. They not only offer a warm feel but would enhance the natural appearance of the patio with their mild green color. At Coral Mining & Exports, we offer raj green sandstones with either smooth dressed surface or leave it in its natural texture leaving the choice for our customers.

Raj green sandstones are predominantly used as flooring and roofing stones and could also be used for paneling and paving purposes. They are used at times as beams, door and window sills, pillar arches and as wall facings, millstones, fence posts as well. This is because this type of sandstone is resistant to alkalis, salinity and acids to a great level and offers resistance to temperature variations as well. For these reasons, it is much preferred for buildings near sea shore and is also used aflooring material in many factories dealing with acids or alkalis. Our customers prefer raj green sandstone for its strength, durability and beauty and use it for driveways, patios and paths for its hard wearing nature. We offer the stones to our customers based on their preferences and are open for polishing, honing, bush hammering or tune the stone for antique finishing. Try our sandstone range for an awesome interior décor and to enjoy the interior of your dreams.