Sandstones are sedimentary rocks that are made of stony grains within 2 mm in diameter and are glued with each other to form sandstones. They are composed of number minerals that compose the sandstone, namely quartz, iron oxide and calcium carbonate that crystallize around these sand grains leaving space between the sand grains that offers a porous and sponge like matrix to the sandstones. Deposits of sandstones frame amazing natural scenery as it offers breath taking views at a number of natural preserves and parks. Ornamental sandstones offer scenic beauty and could be carved and utilized to décor houses, offices, monuments, buildings, and beverage coasters, used as tiles etc.

Sandstones have been utilized as construction materials since ancient days as they are reliable and long lasting. Sandstones could be smoothened for forming pillars, walls, ceilings and balustrades to offer elegance and class to house interiors. The roughness of the rock could be used to construct walkways, fireplaces and even help construct walls as the stone features the best durability. Sandstone is capable of handling heavy weights and therefore is ideal to frame building supports and foundations. Sandstones when used for tile works and pavements frame excellent decorative items that looks scintillating for a number of years owing to the toughness of the stone, they are also capable of withstanding extremes of weather compared to pavements made of clay and concrete. They are also capable of withstanding huge traffic, making it an excellent material to lay pavements.

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