Yellow Mint Sandstones are lightly yellow colored stones and perfectly meet the requirement of exteriors and interior applications. Due to the bright yellow colored stones darker areas of your house would get brighten. It is one of the popular sandstones and because of hard wearing property they are more in demand. They have a very special character and that is resistance over salt water, they don’t get affected by the presence of salt water. They require extremely low maintenance and are cost effective. The surface textures found in these sandstones are a bit different; some are smooth whilst some are irregularly layered.

There are several color variations that are found in these sandstones, though they look great in every color. They are very calm and thus stay cooler in heating summers and keep the environment calm. Yellow mint sandstones are very stylish and add warmth to the interior of the house. These sandstones are best known for durability, texture and strength and available in wide range of formats. These sandstones add timeless elegance and prestige to your gardens and different parts of your house. The versatility of these yellow sandstones and fine texture make them used in different construction applications like wall cladding, paving, interiors, patios and somewhat exteriors.

Among all the major suppliers; We, Coral Mining & Exports, are one of the best service providers when it comes to Sandstones. We have a wide range of sandstones available with us in different sizes and shapes which can be used in different applications. They are generally offered in blocks, slabs and tiles and we, Coral Mining & Exports, provide the Yellow Mint Sandstones in affordable prices. The company knows the different applications and thus manufactures these sandstones in bulks and thus takes orders in huge amounts. The experienced staff helps the customers in different technologies and trends where the sandstones are used and make the maximum profit out of it.