Sandstones belong to a family of sedimentary rocks and are made of granular sand particles or minerals. Yellow Teakwood Sandstone is one of the types of sandstones and of course is yellow in color and thus the name Yellow Sandstone. The colors of these sandstones are yellow because of the mineral goethite or limonite. There are red, black, grey white and pink as well which are equally attractive. The metallic yellow sandstone has pyrite which is a mineral consists of iron sulfide. The colors of the sandstones are different because of the varying amount of iron present in the stones.

The most common uses of sandstones are into construction and house wares since so many years and still being used for the same purposes. It is the most preferred material used in construction business. Yellow teakwood sandstone is majorly used in constructing temples and houses. They are most often used for making statues and artistic purposes like ornamental fountains. Due to its soft appearance, it is easy to carve the sandstones very easy. Sandstone is used majorly into flooring and its gaining importance more than before. Sandstones generally give a retro look to your houses, offices, kitchens and enhance the exterior as well as interiors.

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